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GREEN PPR Pipes and Fittings / Water Pipe, PPR Pipes & Fittings.PPR Pipe green have a better quality standard.

Project Design Information

Chemical Resistance

Polypropylene is one of the most chemically resistant polymers. Below you will see the chemical resist-
ance of PP-R products according to DIN 53756; the chemical resistance related with composition, qual-
ity condition concentration, time of affection and temperature of material. In this table the chemicals

and the resistance in different temperatuer is shown.

Materials are classified in 4 groups;


*Not resistant

*Partically resistant

*There isn’t enough information

a the below symbols are used for the concentration of the chemical:

VL : Mass ratio < 10 % Solution in water

L : Mass ratio > 10 % Solution in water

GL : Saturated solution in water (at 20 ̊C)

H : Adapted

TR : Technical pure

TA : Trace amount

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