In reference to our privious correspondence regarding building materials we would like introduce

us as one of the leading pprc pipes and fittings manufacturer in Turkey and doing sales locally

and exporting to different countries around the globe. We request you to contact us for any of

your requirement or any kind of inquiry regarding the products we are manufacturing. It will be

pleasure for us to serve you and do business with your organization for our mutual benifits by

providing the utmost service the best quality and competable rates and privilage concessions

for you. There in the following you will find a brief introduction of our company and products for

your reference.

STERLING GREEN Fitting supply the best PP-R Fitting products and is located in Istanbul city and doing export since from Turkey to other countries. We mainly deal

with the production of PPR-C type 3 Pipes and Fittings.

Via our Exports Department in Istanbul we are currently exporting to North African Countries,

sub-continental countries, Arabic countries, middle eastern countries,middle asian countries, Rus-
sia, Ukraine, Balkans. The products we supply comply with Turkish, Russian, European Standards, and our quality is assured with authentic certificate. A brief information regarding our products are below for your kind


STERLING GREEN Fitting Heating PPR Pipes and Fittings / Project Design Information

Chemical Resistance

Polypropylene is one of the most chemically resistant polymers. Below you will see the chemical resist-
ance of PP-R products according to DIN 53756; the chemical resistance related with composition, qual-
ity condition concentration, time of affection and temperature of material. In this table the chemicals

and the resistance in different temperatuer is shown.

Materials are classified in 4 groups;


*Not resistant

*Partically resistant

*There isn’t enough information

a the below symbols are used for the concentration of the chemical:

VL : Mass ratio < 10 % Solution in water

L : Mass ratio > 10 % Solution in water

GL : Saturated solution in water (at 20

H : Adapted

TR : Technical pure

TA : Trace amount